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What is the Impact Force on Different Objects?

What is the Impact Force on Different Objects?

What is the Impact Force on Different Objects?

Our environment is controlled by different invisible forces. The concept of forces like gravitational force, electromagnetic force, and energies like kinetic energy, potential energy all fall under the study of physics but it is important for one to know about the forces in the environment around you. One of the concepts that you should be aware of is impact force.

Impact force is a concept where a force is generated when two or more objects collide. When the collision takes place, it delivers a shock as energy. This can happen when one object crashes with another object. We have learned the concept of kinetic energy where when the objects collide with one another, kinetic energy transfers from one object to another object and to measure the force of impact from the collision, we can look upon the impact force. Impact force is measured in Newton (N). To measure the maximum force during the collision, one can calculate the peak impact force using hex calculator.

To calculate the impact force, we can use an impact force calculator that considers various factors. Here, one has to enter the mass of the object, the velocity at which the object is moving, the distance of the collision, and the duration of the impact. After entering the information click on calculate now that may provide you with estimated results. The calculator can be used to estimate both the average impact force and peak impact force from a collision.

Impact force differs from objects to objects. It is different for every object depending on various factors.

Variables determining the impact force:

Mass of the body:

Most frequently impact force is higher when the bodyweight is more and lesser when the object weight is low.


If you hit a ball with the bat with a greater velocity it impacts more than when you hit it with low velocity.

The impact force of falling object:

Falling objects are considered to have a high impact force and may carry a force which is much higher than their weight. Here, the force may also depend on the height that the objects fall from. If a heavier object falls from grater height it results in higher impact force which can destroy the object. It may also result in injury or even death if the object falls on a human being. Hence, to reduce the impact force and to prevent injury impact resistance material must be used such as floors made of rubber. If the construction work is going on, the workers must wear safety helmets and steel toe boots to ensure safety from falling objects.

Impact Force on Humans:

The human being is also considered as an object in physics. So, the human being can also experience impact force. But there’s a certain extent of impact which the human body can take. This means the amount of pressure or force that the bones may take upon without breaking. Studies have shown that the human body takes about 4,000 N to break the toughest bone in the body. It may also depend on various factors such as the momentum, speed, and velocity of the object that collided.


It becomes important to reduce this force and so here are ways to reduce the impact force:

One of the factors that have a huge impact force is collision time. So, if we lengthen the time for collision it can reduce the impact force. This means we are decelerating the time. Thus the airbags in the car crash play an important role in decelerating the time thereby minimizing the impact force which may save our lives.


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