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The Best Rechargeable C-size Batteries

The Best Rechargeable C-size Batteries

The Best Rechargeable C-size Batteries

C-size batteries are one of the most popular alkaline batteries, used in day to day life in various instruments like flashlights, radios, etc. They are best for medium-drain devices. Initially, they were throwaway alkaline batteries, but now with new nickel-metal Hydride technology they are more durable, cost-efficient, and most of them are rechargeable. They even have more shelf life than their non-rechargeable counterparts.

Why should we prefer rechargeable batteries over the standard ones?

Rechargeable batteries are cheaper, last longer, and are more reliable than standard batteries. Also, these batteries create less environmental waste. But every product in the market places comes with Pros and Cons. Here are-

Pros of Rechargeable batteries

  • An ideal choice for high-drain gadgets and electronics that quickly drain a lot of energy
  • Some of the high-quality products can be recharged for over 1000 cycles. Hence, these batteries are worth their price.
  • Battery cells contain less toxic and are less harmful than standard disposable batteries.
  • These batteries use less energy, as they are more energy-efficient than standard batteries.

Cons of Rechargeable batteries

  • Rechargeable batteries are more expensive than regular battery kinds.
  • Regular batteries are easy to use products, as you do not have to recharge them again and again.
  • Sometimes these batteries do not provide the proper voltage required to run the product.
  • These batteries have a lower capacity than the standard ones.

Five of the best options in the market for the C-size rechargeable batteries are:

Energizer batteries: Energizer provides Alkaline and Lithium batteries in all sizes for flashlights, battery chargers, and other lighting products. They cost the same as any other option ($8) but have high durability and work up to four times better than regular alkaline batteries.

Rayovac Recharge Plus: These batteries come pre-charged and hence are ready to use out of the box. It takes less time to charge but can cost a bit high($10). These batteries are highly durable, as it lasts for about five years that is around four times the life of any standard alkaline battery—highly recommended for Digital devices.

RayHom Nickel-metal Hydride: Comes in a set of six for ($16) these batteries are ideal for high drain devices and can hold up to 80% of power even after three years of storage. If properly cared for and used often, stored in cool and dry places, then it can last for up to 500 to 1000 time recharges. These batteries follow the simple rule, the more you use them, the longer they will last.

EBL C6-5000: EBL is a brand concerned with offering rechargeable products to its customers, with high quality and durability. These batteries have a capacity of 5000mAh, a cost you a high one-time investment ($24) but their high strength will leave you amazed as these can be recharged up to 1000 to 1200 times. These batteries have low self-discharge that makes them highly durable.

Odec 5000mAh Deep Cycle: With a capacity of 5000mAh, this is the best option that can be found in market places with a price of $17. These batteries are highly durable and can be recharged for up to 1200 times. These are convenient and available at a much cheaper rate than standard alkaline batteries available in market places.

In the market places a wide range of batteries is available. So, it is entirely up to you that on what basis you want to select the batteries. If you are considering the cost parameter, then undoubtedly standard regular batteries will cost you less than a rechargeable battery. But, if you are considering the environmental factor, then rechargeable batteries is your go-to product. But we would refer you to go for the rechargeable ones, as their number of pros compensates for their cost and other cons.

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