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What does coffee mean to you? I asked my friends and this is what they had to say. “A fresh burst of energy”. “An electrifying kiss to the body”. “My favourite energy drink”. Do you agree? I sure do. Coffee is an experience. First, the color, the golden brown emulsion invites you to get closer. As you get closer, the earthy aroma of freshly ground coffee takes over your senses, hypnotizing you, leaving you wondering how sensational it is going to taste. And finally, that first sip of delicious coffee. Complete uncompromised satisfaction.

The word Coffee is derived from the word Kaffa as it was first found in a region called Kaffa Province, which is now Yemen. The coffee plant was first found in the 6th century by a herder in Ethiopia. Coffee was first used as an appetite suppressant. Coffee is now a crucial cash crop for most developing countries, especially African countries. More than a hundred million people are dependant on coffee as their source of income.

Humans love their coffee so much that they invented numerous coffee recipes and their respective names. Espresso, Mocha, Latte and what not. We love going to a coffee shop and enjoying a good warm cup. But what if you could make the same delicious coffee, in style, at home? Here are some indoor coffee stations that will seriously make you question buying coffee at a cafe.

  1. Rustic

Get old school with a 70’s vintage styled coffee station that takes you back to the days when your mother would make a good ol’ cup of joe. Not just drinking, making coffee is also a whole mood, right? This coffee station will give you the right kind of country mood. The wooden cupboard with the bolts and latches go well with the little metal grills for the cups. You can choose to add a little bit of drama with some fancy candles or small plants. And finally, you can complete the look with a small poster or a quote of your choice to complete the look.

  1. Express-o

You can literally design your own coffee station using some colourful chalk and the black board. Preferably, choose the colour of the wall on which the board is mounted to be a bright orange or a soothing yellow to really make your eyes pop. This is a refreshing idea as you can customize your coffee station every single day! Pretty cool right? How do you feel when you wake up? Inspired? Motivated? Cranky? Whatever the emotion, feel free to express-o it all on the board!

3. Just Hanging out

This is a very popular coffee station idea, especially if you have a lot of coffee cups. Set up a long metal rod for your cups so that they can casually hang out at the station.You can colour coordinate the cups to satisfy your hunger for colour. You even use multiple metal rods at different levels, if you have enough space. The more the variety of cups, the better the setup is going to look.

4. Classy

If coffee is an elegant and sophisticated affair for you then don’t worry. This English styled coffee station consisting of fancy coffee cups, chunky jars and a sleek lamp along with a pastel colour theme exudes class. The white table doubles up as a shelf for your coffee snacks, kettles and cups. Place a little coniferous plant to complete the look.

5. Colourful

This coffee station proves that there is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. In our case, a hot pot of coffee! If color blocking is too easy for you, check out this vibrant coffee station with over 6 different colors! A feast for the eyes as well as the taste buds eh? There’s no hindrance, you can pretty much choose the colours of your choice. Although keep in mind not to overdo it as not all colors go well together.

6. Hidden

A more conservative option, this hidden coffee station take a more subtle approach. Although it could also be a surprise for your friends, albeit a little one. I mean, nobody would expect to see a neatly laid out coffee station when they slide open a cupboard right? This is a simple, concealed and well designed coffee station for the humble caffeine consumer.

7. Minimalist

This coffee station or should I say, mini coffee station is perfect for a house with only one or two people in it. Straightforward and to the point, it has got a simple stand for a couple of cups, a small bowl for your sugar packets and a mesh container for the small cups of cream along with the coffee machine. Low maintenance and fuss free, you can’t go wrong with this one.…

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