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7 Bridal Shower Games that are real fun

7 Bridal Shower Games that are real fun

7 Bridal Shower Games that are real fun


What is the biggest dream that our parents see for us? The first is that we get a good job and get settled. But what else is their dream? Yeah, it is our marriage. So, every parent would want that their children’s marriage should be a big celebration.

So, when it is the case of celebration, one of the integral parts is the guests. And when a lot of guests assemble in a function, it is not mandatory that everyone know each other. Not all of the guests are relatives, and thus this creates an awkward situation.

So, what needs to be done that each and every guest becomes a part of the celebration, without any haste? Yes, the Bridal Shower games. These games are the best source to introduce the guests to each other. Here are seven such bridal games which are really fun and hilarious to be played during these functions –

1. Toilet Paper Bridal Gown and Veil

It is truly a hilarious game to be played. In the game, all the guests are divided into small groups and are given toilet paper rolls. All they have to do is choose a member from the group as the model and use the toilet paper to design a nice bridal gown and veil. The group with the best design in the limited time period wins. Imagine seeing your guests wrapped in toilet paper as a clown in funny designs! And yeah, do not forget to give the winners a small prize as a token of love!

2. Complete the vows my love!

In this game, only notepads are to be used, and the centre of attraction would be the to-be-married couple. Here all the guests have to role-play as the bride and the groom.

So, the game starts as one person starts as either the bride or the groom. They have to be in place of the couple and write on the notepad a promise or vow that the wife or the husband is going to make to the other. For example, one guest becomes the boy and writes that he would not look at any other girl after marriage etc. Like this, everyone has to write a promise of their choice and at last, the vows are to be read aloud. And the one with the funniest vow is given a small prize!


3. The Broom and the Toilet paper roll

In this game, the guests are divided into a group of two, most often as males and females. The things needed in this game are brooms, toilet paper rolls and some funny background music. And each person from one group needs to be partnered with the person from another group. This game based on long distance relationship. Long distance relationship is very romantic, you can even add more romance in it by using long distance touch lamps.

And as the game starts, one of the groups, say the male one, are given to keep a broom between their knees, and the other is given toilet paper to keep at the same place. Now, the group with the broom has to walk (or rather crawl!) towards the other partner and try to take the roll into the broom. The pair with the most rolls in the broom wins! And to make it more hilarious, the partners are blind-folded!

4. Makeover nightmare

SO this game is going to bring out the hidden artist in you, or should I say, the hidden cosmetologist from in you.

In this game, the guests, of course ladies mainly, are divided into a group of two and are paired. And each pair is given some cosmetic items like lipsticks, mascara, blush etc. Now, one of the pair is a model and he/she keeps the cosmetic items and the other artist is blind-folded. The artist has to use the cosmetic items and has to dress the model, and the model has to tell only the name of the item to the partner. At last, the pair with the best (or the funniest) makeup wins!


5. Guess the dress!

When it is the case of wedding, the biggest doubt in the mind of the guests is the dress of the bride and the groom. So, this can work as a funny bridal shower game as well!

In this game, the guests are told to guess the dress of the bride or the groom, as per their choice. And they are provided with basic artistic tools. So, the guests have to make the design of the bridal dress as they have in their mind. In simple words, the guests have to use their creativity and imagination power. And the one with the closest design wins a small gift!

6. The Soft-ball Truth-or-dare

It sounds a bit weird right? It is! But believe me, it’s funny as well. The things used are only a ball and some music.

Now, in the game, music is played in the background and the guests are organized in the form of a circle. The guests have to pass the ball to the one standing next to them. But, there is a twist. The ball must be held in between the knees or the legs. And when the music is stopped all of a sudden, the one with the ball in between the legs has to face the truth or dare challenge, which either the bride or the groom has to give. And in case the ball falls from the legs of any participant, he/she is the culprit and has to take the challenge. Whoever completes the truth-or-dare challenge successfully is given a prize.


7. Personal Purse Raid

It’s a really funny kind of game. Prior to the game, items which are most commonly found in one’s purse, like notes, pen, clips, lipsticks etc. are noted down on a paper. And on another paper, those things are noted which aren’t found so often, like yo-yo, shoes etc. Now, during the game, those things are read out loud which are not found in one’s purse. And the one who comes up with anything read from the list wins!

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