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10 Life Hacks Everyone Wants To Try Before They Die

10 Life Hacks Everyone Wants To Try Before They Die

10 Life Hacks Everyone Wants To Try Before They Die

With all the advancement in technology, getting even the most mundane of tasks has become refreshingly easier. Here are 10 life hacks for you to savour.

Make a font from your handwriting

Even with the plethora of fonts available, if you are looking for something fun and different, here’s a website which helps you convert your own handwriting into a font. All you need to do is upload your handwriting and with a quick few steps, you can use your own handwriting as font in your documents. You can try this cool hack in the following website :

Account Killer

With almost all the websites, asking users to sign up before they can access the features available, you are bound to have a bunch of accounts you don’t need and deactivating or deleting them can be a headache you can avoid, using this website. You can search the website whose account you want to delete in the search bar and then follow the instructions provided.

Archived Pages

Internet is the best invention since sliced bread and anything with so much impact, should have a mechanism which makes it accountable, here’s a website which is no less than an internet historian. This website archives old versions of a website, so you can find out older contents from various websites, it’s especially useful in journalism. You just need to paste the website’s URL on the search bar of the website.

Website Safety

Before going to a site which you usually do not visit or you are suspicious of, you can search the URL of the website in the google site status directory available here :

The website shows a 90-day history of the number of malware attempts that were made on its visitors. Be sure to check with the directory before giving out sensitive details or performing banking transactions in any website.

With increased online shopping and bill payments, this tool can come in handy and protect you from being exploited by malicious websites.

The wardrobe of TV Show Character

Are you a fan of the wardrobe of a character from a TV show and would love to own one of their attires? Look no further than the following website, which has an exhaustive collection of wardrobe from numerous TV Shows including Modern Family, Black-ish. The website shows the wardrobe catalogue according to the various seasons which further can be narrowed down to the episodes of the shows. So you just need to have the season and episode number and the attire could be yours.

Battery off Instead of Switch off

Ever wanted to take a break from your phone but don’t want people to know you have your phone switched off? A way to circumvent that is to simply take off your phone’s battery. After which, those who call you will not get the “phone switched off” alert.

Undiscovered Music

Even with the number of music apps available these days, one always finds themselves looking for rare and undiscovered music. This website does exactly that, it boasts of a huge collection of music which has never been played in the popular music app Spotify. It has a playlist of songs which will play the various songs one after the other.

Radio garden

Another hack for the music lovers, this website enables you to access radio stations across the world, without installing any app and you can access it even using your laptop. You just need to click on the location on the globe in the website. Once you find your radio station, you can also bookmark it and play it whenever you would like. You can access Radio garden using the following link

Pick at Random

Ever been indecisive about something? We have all been there. This website can help you with that. You just need to enter your options and let the website’s algorithm make the decision for you by clicking the “Thrill me” button. It’s almost like rolling a die bt instead of numbers it will pick out one of your given options.

Small pdf

Small pdf is an elegant website which will solve all your document conversion problems. You can easily convert various file formats like pdf, word, jpg, ppt into your desired file format. You can also perform various pdf functionalities like deleting pdf pages, locking pdf using this website. Using the website is quite easy, in the homepage you need to click the conversion option you need and then drag or upload the file you want to convert on to the website.

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